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Studio Address:
100 Ridgecrest Drive
Tuttle, Oklahoma 73089

Phone: 405.245.4496


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About the Studio

The fulfillment of a lifelong dream, I was so excited to open my studio in April of 2016. It’s called The Art Spot, and it has grown to become more than just my studio – it’s a beautiful place where all are welcome. It brings me joy to share the space with co-working artists and offer workshops, private events, and studio time for those who wish to learn. There’s a little something for everyone. and you can find out more over at The Art Spot page.

visiting the studio

I’d love for you to come visit! The studio is open to the public Monday through Thursday from 10am to 4pm, and by appointment on Fridays and Saturdays. As I am a one-woman-show, sometimes I have to run errands or take a mental health day, so feel free to call to verify that I’m there if you’d like.




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