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Do you do commissions?2020-05-11T19:58:45-06:00

Absolutely. I love working with my people to create great art. You can use the form over on the Contact page to inquire about working with me, or shoot me an email: hello@lindseylavalle.com.

Will you paint my wall/canvas/board/etc.?2020-05-11T19:58:57-06:00

Most likely!

Will you make me something in a different style?2020-05-11T18:46:33-06:00
I love this other artist’s work… will you recreate it for me?2020-05-11T19:59:22-06:00

No way. Do the right thing, and show them you love their work by purchasing directly from them.

What’s your return policy?2020-05-11T19:59:34-06:00

Custom and commission work is not eligible for return or exchange, however updates or edits may be possible. Prints and other items may be eligible for return or exchange in case of damage during shipping only, when claimed within 30 days of purchase. Contact me for details.

Do you ship overseas and to P.O. boxes?2020-05-11T19:59:41-06:00

Yes and no – Oversesas, yes.
P.O. Boxes – no. If that’s all that’s available to you, we can ship to an authorized receiving center on your behalf.

Do you have customer service?2020-05-11T19:59:49-06:00

Of course! I’m fairly friendly and would be happy to help you with any questions before your purchase. Just call or email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

So who actually owns the art?2020-05-11T19:29:55-06:00

Thanks for asking… this is an important one. Under the law, I (as the artist):

  • retain all rights to all visual art I create: original paintings, drawings, and ceramics, sold and/or commissioned paintings, drawings, and ceramics, as well as any and all rights to images of these items.
  • retain the right to make reproductions (prints) of any of my artwork both for sale or display (this includes commissions).
  • MUST be given credit if my artwork is reproduced and/or shown in the media (magazines, tv, internet, etc.)
    • Yes, this means social media too.
    • Yes, this means if you post a picture of your cute kiddos on Facebook, and my art is in the background, you must give credit on the posting.

You, as the buyer:

  • may not reproduce the artwork without my written permission.
  • may not alter, distort, or destroy the artwork.
  • retain the right to display the artwork in your home or business.
  • have the ability to purchase either full or partial rights to the artwork you’ve purchased. This can include purchasing my right to reproduce the art (so that I can’t make prints or products bearing the image).
    • Full and partial rights of artwork are purchased separately from the artwork, and are not included in the original purchase price.
    • If you’re interested in purchasing the rights to your piece, just let me know.
How do I know if I’m buying an original or a print?2020-05-11T19:34:38-06:00

An “original” refers to the actual painting, drawing, or ceramic sculpture, created by my hand on the original medium. For instance, they will be marked “Oil on Canvas” or “Graphite on Paper”.

“Prints”, on the other hand, are reproduced from the original – so printed copies of the original work. We offer both paper and giclee prints on canvas, and the product listing will clearly state these details. If you’re still not sure, just ask!

Why does it take so long to ship my item(s)?2020-05-11T19:42:50-06:00

It’s so exciting – you’ve clicked the purchase button and now you’re ready to have your art. After I do my own happy dance, I will do everything I can to expedite the process of getting your art to you, however, there are a few things to consider:

  • Some of our goods (especially the prints and reproductions) are made-to-order. I don’t have a big warehouse, and I don’t usually keep a ton of inventory on hand, so most of the time your order will be made once you’ve purchased it. An estimate of processing/creating time will be given on each item page.
  • For custom work/commissions: You’re getting in on the ground level – the planning, sketching, dreaming level. The process of good art takes time, and believe me, I’m just as excited as you are. I will give clear timelines before we begin for each custom/commission piece, and regular updates as the progress ensues.
  • For original paintings/ceramics as part of a release: The majority of these pieces are finished upon listing, and only require packing/shipping to get them to you.
  • Occasionally, I might list an oil painting for sale before the varnish has cured (4-6 weeks from application). I WILL NOT SHIP AN UNCURED PAINTING. Don’t ask. The finish would be ruined in shipping. If a painting is within this time frame, a note will be added to the item listing.
Will my drawing/painting come framed?2020-05-11T19:45:14-06:00

Sometimes. Some originals are offered in a framed state, while others are not. Please be sure to read item descriptions very carefully, as some paintings might have been framed for the photo shoot, but are not offered for sale with the frame. Unless expressly stated in the item description, prints and reproductions are not framed.

Will you frame the artwork I bought?2020-05-11T19:47:02-06:00

Sure! Most product listings include add-ons for available framing options. If the item you’re thinking about doesn’t have those options, holler at me to discuss them.

Do I have to frame my purchase?2020-05-11T19:53:14-06:00

Short answer – no.

There are lots of reasons why people frame art – from the purely aesthetic to those which preserve the art. However, I leave this up to you. While you cannot alter the artwork in any way, you may frame it to make it work in your home the best.

To help, I’ve done my part to aid in the preservation of the art:

  • All original oil paintings are varnished and sealed.
  • giclee prints may be ordered with varnish for protection.
  • Prints printed on paper are always printed on acid free, archival paper stock.
  • Graphite and charcoal drawings are always created on acid free, archival paper and are sealed upon completion.
  • Ceramics are a different animal… however, they don’t need framing so no worries there.
What if I’d like a different size print than what you offer?2020-05-11T19:55:03-06:00

This may be possible.. holler at me and we can discuss.

I live close to your studio… can I just pick up my purchase?2020-05-11T19:57:51-06:00

Absolutely. Please use the code “local” at checkout to bypass shipping. I’ll contact you after purchase to arrange for pick-up.

Who are you anyway?2020-05-11T20:54:46-06:00

Hi! I’m Lindsey. I’m a painter, potter, designer, mom, wife… the list goes on. You can find out more about me here.

What do you do with the information I give you in your forms and when I make a purchase?2020-05-11T20:58:37-06:00

I loathe selling people’s information. So you can rest assured I will never do that to you. When you sign up for my mailing list, that information stays between me and you. When you fill out my contact form to ask a question, the same applies. When you put in your personal data or payment information to purchase my art, that information is stored securely for the purposes for which it was given, and will never be shared or sold. My website security certificate is in tact, and I use secure payment processing so that I don’t even see the credit card information. For more about our privacy policy, please read this page.

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